Temperature Actuated Flow Reducers (TAFR)


Temperature Actuated Flow Reducing (TAFR) devices protect everyone from scalding.

The ScaldShield TAFR devices use proven thermostatic element technology for most all showers, faucets and baths.

Applications for ScaldShield's TAFR devices are almost endless: private and public housing, child care centers, hospitals, hotels and motels and nursing homes just to name a few.

The ScaldShield TAFR is an ASSE 1062 approved thermostatic device that reduces water flow through the fixture to .25 gpm if water temperature exceeds 117�F. It is ideal for new installations or retro fits on lavatory faucets, showers or bathtub faucets.


  • Conforms to international safety standards and certified to ASSE 1062: Specify and install with confidence!

  • Simple and effective scald protection: Quick installation and fits most showers, taps and baths.

  • Strong construction with a sleek design: Made from solid brass with a chrome finish.

  • Perfect for remodeling applications: Ease of installation provides cost effective scald protection.



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